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The much speculated and greatly anticipated movie “ki and ka” has finally hit the big screens this week. Though based on a sensitive topic that is causing a lot of turns in the real world, this movie fails to take that importance in the reel world. Get your Ki and Ka movie download from below. Gender reversal and gender equality are the main aspects of the movie and it tried to make the people understand the importance of the women gender in the society. Although the topic R.Balki chose for this movie is really aspiring and worth appreciation but the low performances and weak direction makes it not worth the value.


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R.Balki has always done films that are unconventional and a stand out. He depicted a twisted different love story in “Cheeni kum”, made Amitabh Bachchan work really hard in “Paa” and also made a lovely yet different movie like “shamitabh”. But his latest release featuring “Kareena Kapoor” as “Kia” and Arjun Kapoor as “Kabir” fails to impress the audiences on a large scale. The played reversed characters in the movie with Kabir as the woman of the house and Kia earning to run the house has tried to break the conventional roots of gender reserved roles.



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The movie shows well how Kia and Kabir meet on a flight and how their relationship starts. Kia has been a career driven single woman right from the start where as kabir’s inspiration as he grows up was his mother who has always been a housewife. It is really uncanny of a son of an industrialist to grow up wanting to be a housewife but that’s what Balki has highlighted in the movie.


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The trailers and teaser made this gender reversal based movie create a lot of hype in the celluloid world of Bollywood and among the audiences too, but with the release of the movie the whole concept has been reduced to a farce. Balki’s treatment of the movie is not up to the standards he has set himself and the writing of the movie is weak. You can also get Ki and Ka movie download in HD Mp4 from here. The dialogue deliveries hugely failed to impress the viewers as they expected a way more mature acting from the stars. The other actors that are Swaroop Sampat and Rajat Kapoor have played their parts convincingly.


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The cameos from the Bachchans are one of the best parts in the film as expected. There is a maid scene which catches the eyes and the music is quite well and soothing.


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In the end “Ki and Ka” might make you feel a waste of two long hours from your life where the director Balki sets himself to break the stereotypes but ends up in the opposite way. The movie is worth getting a mere 2 stars out of 5.


Box Office

This movie went beyond the expected the Box Office collection. No one was expecting such a great reviews from the critics as well as audience. The people are loving this movie and this is the reason that they are watching it again and again. Anyways, if you haven’t watched this movie yet then you can get Ki and Ka movie download in HD Mp4 from here. This movie collected over 25 crores in its first weekend which is great sign of a hit movie. In less than month, it may join 100 crores club of Bollywood movies for sure.

From the above sources, we confirmed that Ki and Ka grossed more than 40 crores within a week. This is one of the best Box Office collection of Bollywood in the year 2016. Kareena Kapoor will feel quite happy after watching such high Box Office Collections.


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